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App (Droid or Apple) for Beginning Taekwondo Students

Posted by Tony 
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App (Droid or Apple) for Beginning Taekwondo Students
April 18, 2012 04:23PM
Any recommendations on Apps out there that I can recommend to beginning student in Taekwondo? It needs to be an app that covers the basics and runs through them via video. This ways when they are out of the school and going over something and can't remember they have it on their phone. Also, would be great if it had advanced techniques and information but I am not asking for the world, Yet..

Also, would be best if it was free to try so that I could recommend something the student could at least see if they like before purchasing.
Re: App (Droid or Apple) for Beginning Taekwondo Students
April 18, 2012 07:17PM
I would probably simply video app and point them to youtube videos. Requires an active connection though...
Re: App (Droid or Apple) for Beginning Taekwondo Students
April 20, 2012 08:53PM
Hello Tony,

I developed an app for my beginner students recently at their request and since I'm a mobile software developer, I released it for iPhone/iPad and Android.

It has the Taekwondo curriculum I teach at my two academies. The iPhone/iPad can be downloaded freely and you can read the "theory" course and glossary for free as well. Other courses can be accessed through in-app purchases. The Android app is paid app.
In total, accessing all contents costs about $2 . I spent 3 weeks working the contents, so I had to release the app commercially in order to compensate the period I was not working on other software development project.

You can find the links to download at [taekwondo.telmoamaro.com] . And it would be great to have your visit at our facebook page at: [www.facebook.com]

I'm also gathering dojang location information so can list them in a new free "school locator" option coming soon, so feel free to send information about your school as indicated in the facebook post.

Feedback and suggestion to support@telmoamaro.com are much appreciated.

Best regards,

Telmo Amaro