Photo gallery
Dan Ki Tu
Black & White photo's are taken from "Taekwondo info". This is the magazine of the Dutch Taekwondo union: "Taekwondo Bond Nederland (TBN, Photo 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 taken by Gin Lippelt
Photo 2 taken by Peter Bolz
Photo 5 taken by ????
Tommy Mollet vs. Alexander Seethaler
Danny Haulussy vs. Mustapha Mamnouh
From left to "right":
Dan Ki Tu: 5th Dan
Roy Lufting: 5th Dan
Patrick Ros: 3th Dan
Dan Ki Tu, taken from the magazine "Zendokan", nr 5/96
Knife blocks
(Patrick Ros and Roy Kamphuis)

These are techniques used in Hosinsul (self-defense).
These techniques can also be used as a variant to step-sparring (Bo-daeryon)

Vincent Motta
Vincent Motta (breaks the board)
Children practicing for a competition
This is at Olympic Gym, one of the places I used to practice.
Patrick Ros performing a yeop chagi

Patrick Ros & Roy Kamphuis