Competition rules and regulations - Article 10

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Article 10. Procedure of the Contest
1. Call for Contestants
The name of the contestants shall be announced three times beginning three minutes prior to the scheduled start of the contest. The contestant who fails to appear in the contest area within one minute after the scheduled start of the competition shall be regarded as withdrawn.
2. Physical and Costume Inspection
After being called, the contestants shall undergo physical and costume inspection at the designated inspection desk by the inspector designated by the WTF, and the contestant shall not show any signs of aversion, and also shall not bear any materials which could cause harm to the other contestant.
3. Entering the Competition Area
Entering the Competition Area: After inspection, the contestant shall enter into the waiting position with one coach.
4. Start and End of the Contest
The contest in each round shall begin with the declaration of "Shi-jak" [start] by the referee and shall end with the declaration of "Keu-man" [stop] by the referee.
5. Procedure Before the Beginning and After the End of the Contest
  1) The contestants shall face each other and make a standing bow at the referee's command of "Cha-ryeot" [attention] and " Kyeong-rye" [bow]. A standing bow shall be made from the natural standing posture of "Cha-ryeot" by inclining forward at the waist to an angle of more than 30' degrees with the head inclined to an angle more than 45' degrees and the fists clenched at the sides of the legs.
  2) The referee shall start the contest by commanding "Joon-bi" [ready] and "Shi-jak"[start].
  3) After the end of the last round, the contestants shall stand at their respective positions facing each other and exchange a standing bow at the referee's command of "Cha-ryeot", "Kyeong-rye", and then wait for the referee's declaration of the decision in a standing posture.
  4) The referee shall declare the winner by raising his/her own hand to the winner's side.
  5) Retirement of the contestants
6. Contest Procedure in Team Competition
  1) Both teams shall stand facing each other in line in submitted team order towards the 1st Boundary Line from the Contestants' Marks.
  2) Procedure before the beginning and after the end of the contest shall be conducted as in item 5 of this Article.
  3) Both teams shall leave the Contest Area and stand by at the designated area for each contestant's match.
  4) Both teams shall line up in the Contest Area immediately after the end of the final match facing each other.
  5) The referee shall declare the winning team by raising his/her own hand to the winning team's side.

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