Competition rules and regulations - Article 12

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Article 12. Valid Points
1. Legal Scoring Areas
  A. Mid-section of the trunk: the abdomen and both sides of the flank.
B. Face: the permitted parts of the face.
2. Points shall be awarded when permitted techniques are delivered accurately and powerfully to the legal scoring areas of the body. However, when a contestant is knocked down as a result of the opponent's attack on a part of the trunk protector that is not part of a legal scoring area, such a technique shall be regarded as a point.
3. The valid points are divided as follows:

1) One (1) point for attack on trunk protector
2) Two (2) points for attack on face
3) One (1) additional point shall be awarded in the event that the contestant is knocked down and the referee counts.
4. Match score shall be the sum of points of the three rounds.
5. Invalidation of points: When the following are committed, the delivered technique will not be scored.
  A. Intentionally falling, immediately after delivery of the legitimate technique.
B. Committing an illegal act after delivery of the legitimate technique.
C. Use of any of the prohibited actions.

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