Competition rules and regulations - Article 14

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Article 14. Prohibited Acts
1. Penalties on any prohibited acts shall be declared by the referee.
2. In the case of multiple penalties being committed simultaneously, the heavier penalty shall be declared.
3. Penalties are divided into "Kyong-go" [warning penalty] and "Gam-jeom" [deduction penalty].
4. Two "Kyong-gos" shall be counted as deduction of one [1] point. However, the odd "Kyong-go" shall not be counted in the grand total.
5. A "Gam-jeom" shall be counted as minus one [-1] point.
6. Prohibited acts: "Kyong-go" penalty
  A. Inteference with the progress of the match
a. Crossing the Boundary Line
b. Falling down
c. Evading by turning the back to the opponent
  B. Undesirable acts
a. Grabbing the opponent
b. Holding the opponent
c. Touching the opponent with the hand or the trunk
d. Pretending injury
e. Butting or attacking with knee
f. Attacking the groin
g. Stamping or kicking any part of the leg or foot
h. Hitting the opponent's face with hands or fist
i. Interrupting the progress of the match on the part of the contestant or the coach
j. Avoiding the match
7. Prohibited acts: " Gam-jeom" penalty
  A. Inteference with the progress of the match
a. Throwing down the opponent by grappling the opponent's attacking foot in the air with the arm or by pushing the opponent with the hand
b. Intentionally attacking the fallen opponent after declaration of 'Kal-yeo'.
c. Intentionally attacking the opponent's face with fist
  B. Undesirable acts
a. Temporary suspension of the match due to violent remarks or behaviors on the part of the contestant or the coach
8. When a contestant refuses to comply with the Competition Rules or the referee's order, the referee may declare the contestant loser by penalty after one (1) minute.
9. When the contestant receives minus three [-3] points, the referee shall declare him/her loser by penalties.
10. "Kyong-go" and " Gam-jeom" shall be counted in the total score of the three rounds.

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