Competition rules and regulations - Article 18

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Article 18. Procedure in the Event of a Knock Down
1. When a contestant is knocked down as the result of the opponent's legitimate attack, the referee shall take the following measures:
  A. The referee shall keep the attacker away from downed contestant by declaration of "Kal-yeo" [break].
  B. The referee shall count aloud from "Hanah" [one] up to "Yeol" [ten] at one-second interval towards the downed contestant, making hand signals indicating the passage of time.
  C. In case the downed contestant stands up during the referee's count and desires to continue the fight, the referee shall continue the count up to " Yeodul" [eight] for recovery of the downed contestant. The referee shall then determine if the contestant is recovered and, if so, continue the contest by declaration of "Kye-sok" [continue].
  D. When a contestant who has been knocked down cannot demonstrate the will to resume the contest by the count of " Yeodul", the referee shall announce the other contestant winner by K.O.
  E. The count shall be continued even after the end of the round or the expiration of the match time.
  F. In case both of the contestants are knocked down, the referee shall continue counting as long as one of the contestants has not sufficiently recovered.
  G. When both of the contestants fail to recover by the count of "Yeol", the winner shall be decided upon the match score before the occurrence of knock down.
  H. When it is judged by the referee that a contestant is unable to continue, the referee may decide the winner either without counting or during the counting.
2. Procedures to be followed after the contest:
  A. Any contestant suffering a knock-out as the result of a blow to the head will not be allowed to compete for the next 30 days.
  B. Before entering a new contest after 30 days, the contestant must be examined by a medical doctor designated by the National Taekwondo Association, who must certify that the contestant is recovered and able to compete.

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