Competition rules and regulations - Article 20

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Article 20. Referees and Judges
1. Qualifications: Holders of International Referee Certificate registered by the WTF.
2. Duties
  A. Referee
  (1) The referee shall have control over the match.
  (2) The referee shall declare "Shi-jak", "Keu-man", "Kal-yeo", "Kye-sok" and "Kye-shi", winner and loser, deduction of points, warnings and retiring. All the referee's declarations shall be made when the results are confirmed.
  (3) The referee shall have the right to make decisions independently in accordance with the prescribed rules.
  (4) The referee shall not award points.
  (5) In case of a tie or scoreless match, the decision of superiority shall be made by the referee after the end of three rounds.
  B. Judges
  (1) The judges shall mark the valid points immediately.
  (2) The judges shall state their opinions forthrightly when requested by the referee.
3. Responsibility for Judgement
  Decisions made by the referees and judges shall be conclusive and they shall be responsible to the Board of Arbitration for those decisions.
4. Uniform of the Referees and Judges
  1) The referees and judges shall wear the uniform designated by the WTF.
  2) The referees and judges shall not carry or take any materials to the Arena which might interfere with the contest.

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