Competition rules and regulations - Article 24

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Article 24. Arbitration
1. Composition of the Board of Arbitration
  A. Qualifications: Member of Executive Council of the WTF or person of sufficient Taekwondo experience recommended by the WTF President or Secretary General. One Technical Delegate shall be the Ex-officio member.
  B. Composition: One chairman and six or less members plus the Technical Delegate
  C. Procedure of appointment: The chairman and members of the Board of Arbitration will be appointed by the WTF President on the recommendation of the WTF Secretary General.
2. Responsibility: The Board of Arbitration shall make corrections of misjudgments according to their decision regarding protests and take disciplinary action against the officials committing the misjudgment or any illegal behavior and the results of which shall be sent to the Secretariat of the WTF.
3. Procedure of Protest
  A. In case there is an objection to a referee judgment, an official delegate must submit an application for re-evaluation of decision [protest application] together with the prescribed fee to the Board of Arbitration within 10 minutes after the pertinent contest.
  B. Deliberation of re-evaluation shall be carried out excluding those members with the same nationality as that of either contestant concerned, and resolution on deliberation shall be made by majority.
  C. The members of the Board of Arbitration may summon the refereeing officials for confirmation of events.
  D. The resolution made by the Board of Arbitration will be final and no further means of appeal will be applied.
4. Procedure of Sanction
  A. The WTF President of Secretary General (in case of their absence, the Technical Delegate) may request
the Extraordinary Committee of Sanction for deliberation when any of the following behaviors are committed
by a coach or a contestant
  a). Interfering with the management of contest or stirring up the spectators for the same purpose.
  b). Interfering with the operation of the competition conducted by the WTF and the Organizing Committee
  c). Spreading false rumor for the purpose of exerting an unwarranted influence on the judgement.
  B. When judged reasonable, the Extraordinary Committee of Sanction shall deliberate over the matter and take disciplinary action immediately. The result of deliberation shall be announced to the public and reported to the WTF Secretariat afterwards.
  C. The Extraordinary Committee of Sanction may summon the person concerned for confirmation of events.

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