Competition rules and regulations - Article 4

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Article 4.Contestants
1. Qualification of Contestants
  1) Holder of the nationality of the participating team
  2) One recommended by the national Taekwondo Association

Holder of Taekwondo Dan certificate issued by the Kukkiwon, and in case of the World Junior Taekwondo Championships, holder of Kukkiwon Poom/Dan certificate aged 14 through 17 years old based on the year when the Championships are held.

2. The Costume for Contestants
  1) The contestant shall wear a Taekwondo Dobok [Uniform] and protectors recognized by the WTF.

The contestant shall wear the trunk protector, head protector, groin guard, forearm and shin guards before entering the contest area and the groin guard, forearm and shin guards shall be worn inside the Taekwondo uniform, and the contestant shall bring the WTF-approved protectors for personal use.

3. Medical Control
  1) At the Taekwondo events promoted or sanctioned by the WTF, the use or administration of drugs or chemical subtances described in the WTF anti-doping by-laws is prohibited. However, IOC doping by-laws shall be applied to the Olympic Games and other multi-sport games.

The WTF may carry out any medical testing deemed necessary to ascertain if a contestant has committed a breach of this rule, and any winner who refuses to undergo this testing or who proves to have committed such a breach shall be removed from the final standings, and the record shall be transferred to the contestant next in line in the competition standings.

  3) The organizing committee shall be liable for arrangements to carry out medical testing.
  4) The details of the WTF anti-doping regulation shall be enacted by the by-laws.

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