Competition rules and regulations - Article 6

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Article 6. Classification and Methods of Competition
  Competitions are divided as follows:

Individual competition shall normally be between contestants in the same weight class. When necessary, adjoining weight classes may be combined to create a single classification.

  2 Team Competition : Systems of Competition
    A. Five (5) contestants by weight classification with the following category
Male division Female division
Not exceeding 54kg Not exceeding 47kg
Over 54kg & not exceeding 63kg Over 47kg & not exceeding 54kg
Over 63kg & not exceeding 72kg Over 54kg & not exceeding 61kg
Over 72kg & not exceeding 82kg Over 61kg & not exceeding 68kg
Over 82kg Over 68kg
    B. Eight (8) contestants by weight classification
C. Four (4) contestants by weight classification
(Consolidation of the eight weight assifications into four weight categories by combining two adjoining weight classes)
3. Systems of competition are divided as follows:
    A. Single elimination tournament system
B. Round robin system
4. Taekwondo competition of the Olympic Games shall be conducted in individual competition system between contestants.

All international-level competitions recognized by the WTF shall be formed with participation of at least 4 countries with no less than 4 contestants in each weight class, and any weight class with less than 4 contestants cannot be recognized in the official results.

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